A trip to my aunt’s part 4: Getting Caught

There was a gentle shaking on my shoulder when I came to. I was still laying on my side in the easy chair in my aunt’s living room when my mother gently shook me awake. “Well, it looks like you had a nice nap didn’t you honey?” My aunt commented as I sat up and realized what was going on. I was a little groggy from the short amount of sleep and I reached up to rum the sleepiness from my eyes. It was only then that I realized that I was still tied up from the quick job that I had applied to myself earlier. My hands were still bound behind my back where I had left them. The ropes around my ankles were secured as well. I jerked upwards quickly realizing what had happened to me so far. The ropes around my limbs held reasonably well to my weak struggles and I stayed trussed up in the chair at least for the moment. I finally nodded in response to my aunts question without much difficulty. The nap had been brief, but it was a little refreshing despite the addition on the ropes.  

“You’re really into this little game of getting tied up aren’t you?” My aunt asked again with a smug look on her face. I looked up at her not quite sure how to respond to the question. I looked towards my mother seeking a little advice on what direction to take on the whole matter. She reassured me that it was okay to answer the question honestly which I did. I gave a quick account of the games that I played with several of my siblings and some of the other experiences I had growing up on the subject. My aunt listened to me with a degree of interest in the subject and began looking at my ropes. The inspection was quite quick, but the result was a compliment at the level of skill I already possessed in rope work. I smiled back at the compliment and waited to see what their next response would be. What followed this little situation was a quick anecdote about how my mother and aunt had played similar types of games growing up and a short story about one of them. I remember enough of the details to tell it here, but I am not going to spend the space on it. It was basically about my aunt tying my mother to a bench in their garden growing up. However, the conversation gave me some of my first insight about my family’s history on the subject.

I knew that my mother had played similar types of games growing up which, was why she tolerated up playing tie up so well. However, she never really shared any of her experiences with us and this was one of the first times that I had been told about it. It put quite a few thoughts through my head as I tried to picture my mother as I had seen her as a little girl in pictures all tied up. (There were no pictures of her actually bound left from their childhood.) Still, it caught my attention with a good degree of fascination. While my aunt went on her little stroll down memory lane, my mother helped Amy wake up from her nap. She had gently woken up my sister and was beginning the process of straightening up the bed where my sister had been sleeping a few minutes earlier. I was pretty helpless to do anything except sit and listen at the moment. Well, I could probably escape with a little work, but I was just as content to stay where I was for the moment.

My mother picked up my little sister brought her over to join the rest of us. My aunt finished her short anecdote about tying up my mother in the garden. I naturally had a few follow up questions that I posed on the matter. How old my mother was at the time of the story, if she liked being tied up when she was my age, and why she never told me the story herself mainly. My mother bounced Amy on her knee to keep her smiling while she answered my inquiries. She had been a little older than I currently was, she did like it and was too embarrassed to tell us about the whole thing. My aunt seemed more willing to share the experiences than my mother did. “Well, Jennifer that is enough talking about our pasts, I promised you that we would do something fun this afternoon and I intend to keep my promise. However, I think the first thing we need to do is get you untied so that we can do something.”

I nodded in agreement with my aunt. I would have liked to stay tied up a little longer, but there really wasn’t much I could do bound hand and foot like this other than sit here. Besides, I had already spent a good portion of the day tied up as it was. Bonnie circled around me and untied my hands from behind my back and then set about releasing my ankles while I worked the circulation back into them. After I was free, the four of us headed outside through the garage to my mother’s mini van.

We arrived at the van after a short walk and my mother went to work settling Amy into her car seat. She asked Bonnie if she would help me back into my vest harness for the trip we were going on. My aunt had never hear of such a thing for a girl at my age. However, I was already quite adept at the procedure for getting myself situated inside of it. With a little explanation, I ended up strapped in correctly. Once my sister and I were secured properly, my mother climbed into the driver seat and my aunt hopped in shotgun. We started up the van and departed from the end of my aunt’s drive way. The trip was a rather short one.

After about a 20 minute car ride we arrived at the bowling alley in town and got out of the van. The four of us headed inside and went about bowling a couple of games. We got two lanes and my mother had an attendant set up bumpers on the sides of the gutters of one of them. My little sister and mother used the one with the bumpers to keep the ball out of the gutters. Meanwhile my aunt and I bowled on the other lane. Amy wasn’t old enough to appreciate any strategy of the game, but she had a fun time rolling the ball. She got real excited when she knocked all the pins down with one of them. I am pretty sure that she out bowled me at 1 and half. But, if you cannot throw a gutter ball then you have a distinct advantage. Afterwards, the four of us went out to dinner at a fast food place. The whole afternoon was a welcome change from just sitting around my aunt’s house and being bored.

Overall, the whole day passed without another incident of me getting tied up while we were out and about. My mother probably didn’t want me tied up in public anyways. It was still a fun time. However, the day wasn’t over yet. Later that evening things were going to take a turn in another direction.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My mother had finished getting Amy situated for the evening. She had set up a portable playpen with a small mattress in it for my sister to sleep on for the evening. Amy was already changed for bed and in the play pen for the evening with her blanket and pillow. I on the other had was going to be using the fold out bed couch for the night again. I was standing in the bathroom when the whole ordeal started. My mother was going to be using a guest bedroom on the second floor and my aunt was going to have her normal room for sleeping accommodations. After getting Amy to bed, my mother decided to retire herself for the evening. It had been a long and busy day with a lot of driving in it. Long car trips usually wore my mother out. Especially when she was the one doing the driving with an unwilling passenger in the back of the car. I was a little surprised when my Aunt Bonnie rounded the corner into the downstairs bathroom to see how I was coming with my bedtime preparations.

“Well, it looks like your moving right along with everything.” My aunt commented from the doorway behind me. I was a little surprised to see her rather than my mother. It was not a big deal one way or the other. I had left the door open and was already dressed in my pajamas for the evening. I was wearing one of my normal footed blanket sleepers as usual. I think it had a floral print on it. “Amy is all set upstairs with your mom in the guest room. She is rather tired and asked if I would see about getting you off to bed when your ready tonight.” I looked up and nodded as I spit the extra toothpaste and a mouth fool of water into the sink. “Do I have to go to bed right now, it’s still not my normal bed time?” I asked trying to give my aunt one of those pleading looks. I was never really all that good at using a cute expression to manipulate a relative. Luckily, my aunt was easy to manipulate.

“I’ll tell you what Jen, lets head down into the family room and get you all set for bed. After that you can stay up a while longer if you want and join me for some television. I am not all that sleepy yet myself. You can stay up longer than me if you want as long as your quiet about it.” I huge grin shot across my face as I realized that it was going to be a fun evening after all. “Besides, you can sleep all the way home tomorrow and you’re off as well.” My aunt gave a wave of her hand gesturing me to follow her as she departed from the bathroom. I followed along in short order after her. It was a short and silent trip. Both of us knew the way and there wasn’t much to talk about along the journey. We arrived at the door to the family room a few moments later and my aunt led the way inside.

The fold out sofa bed was already set up with a couple of sheets and blankets. My aunt had bedding for it and she had set it up for me. “All right Jen, climb in and I’ll tuck you in for the night.” My aunt offered as she pulled back one end of the covers and allowed me to climb onto the bed. I worked my way to the back of the sofa bed and positioned myself so that I was sitting upright as my aunt pulled the covers down over the end of my legs. Then, she switched on the television. She took a seat next to me in the easy chair next to me sofa and took up the remote. Then she began the process of picking out something for the two of us to watch. I really don’t remember what the final program we settled on was, but it was something that we could both enjoy without a hassle. Not much happened for the next half hour as we sat and watched. At least not until the first real commercial break in the program.

My aunt didn’t bother to flip channels, she just let commercials roll and decided to break dead time with some rather off topic conversation. “By the way Jennifer, I was rather impressed with the job you did tying yourself up earlier to day. I never could tie myself up that good at your age.” I looked up at her and gave a smile of satisfaction at the compliment on my performance from earlier. My parents never really took a genuine interest in our games other than making sure we were OK. They just tended to let it be our thing and kept pretty much out of it. This was one of the first times that another grownup took an interest in my handiwork. I smiled back and explained that I had a pretty good teacher from all my older siblings. Sean in particular was patient in showing me how to do a solid tie up.

The conversation died off when the commercials ended and the show resumed, but after another 8 or 10 minutes, another commercial break offered us another chance to talk. “Seeing you all tied up today just brings back some memories on the whole subject from when I was your age with your mother. I was always the better at tying, but I could never do tie myself up as effectively as you did. At least without using handcuffs.” I smiled again at the repeated compliment. “Yeah, I did an alright job. But, it wasn’t as good as when Sean or Mary tie me up. When they do it I usually cannot move at all. Sean was the one who tied me up for the trip down and you saw the good job he did.” My aunt nodded again. “He did almost as good a job as I used to do on your mom.” I started arguing the point with my aunt almost out of something to do. Really I was trying to provoke a particular outcome, at least subconsciously.

“I am sure that you were pretty good at it growing up. But, nobody is as good at tying someone up as my brother Sean is.” I commented giving my eldest brother my approval rating without much thought on the matter. “Oh, really is that so. Well, we’ll have to put that to the test sometime. I know your brother did a good job, but I don’t think he is as good as I was. That comes with experience.” We continued this little argument back and fourth neither side yielding. We weren’t trying to really prove the point one way or the other. There was an intended place this conversation was going. Finally, I told my aunt to go ahead and prove she was better at tying someone up that Sean was. She said she would sometime and I commented that there was no time like the present. Well, not in so many witty words, but the conversation headed into the idea that I wanted to be tied up and I wanted her to do the tying. The whole matter had been a curiosity since her story earlier that morning and I thought that I should put the whole thing to the test. My aunt was only to happy to agree to giving the whole thing a shot. With her mind made up she rose from the chair and headed across the room.

I guess I could say that I didn’t get what I asked for. I told my aunt that the ropes that had been used to tie me up earlier in the day were still in my duffel bag. I told her she could just use them if she wanted to. My aunt said that would be fine and told me to stay put and that she would retrieve the ropes to tie me up with. I waited patiently as she crossed the room and headed back across the way to where my duffel bag was sitting on a small table at the back of the room. She undid the top zipper and released it. Inside were the several pieces of rope that Sean had used to tie me up for the trip down along with another two that I usually packed on this sort overnight trip in case I wanted to get tied up. My aunt went about collecting all the coils of rope and carried the large armful of ropes back to the bed where I was sitting. I was a little apprehensive when I saw all of the rope and wondered if she was going to use all of it. Fortunately, for me she was only going to use a few pieces of it to tie me up with.

My aunt selected one of the lengths of rope and began to prepare it for what she had in mind. She uncoiled it and began to give me some direction. “Alright little one, do me a favor and put your hands together so I can tie them up for you.” I turned around and brought my wrist together behind my back and waited for her to get started on the process of tying me up. However, my aunt had something else in mind completely. She took hold of my wrists and guided them back together in front of me and began wrapping the ropes around them. I was a little surprised at this approach, but I gave her a chance to do the job. My aunt wrapped my wrists with the ropes an cinched them together. This tied my hands together securely in front of me. It would be an easy escape under the circumstances, but I had to let my aunt finish before I could start. That was the gist of our deal on the matter.

“Alright Jennifer, do me another favor and put your ankles together.” I nodded and complied with the request as she put it out in front of me. I brought my pajama feet together and allowed my aunt to repeat the process of binding them in the same way that she had tied my hands. She wrapped them horizontally several times with the rope and then cinched them off in the center to make it harder to squirm out of. Once that was done, she tied a secure knot on top of the newly constructed tie between my feet. The whole process took about 10 minutes to complete and I was securely bound sitting on the fold out bed next to my aunt. I figured that I had an easy escape ahead of me. This would likely take me maybe five minutes to free my hands with my teeth, and then just untie my feet. However, I should have know better. My aunt had one more step in mind and it would be the catch that kept me trussed up good and secure for a while.

“Alright Jennifer, I want you to raise your arms above your head for just a moment for me. I still have one more step to complete.” My aunt instructed. Again, I complied with the request and let her guide my hands up over my head. “Okay, now I need to move your legs a little bit. Just stay still for me.” My aunt grabbed the middle of the ropes binding my feet and used it as a leverage point to guide them up so that I was sitting with my knees against my chest. My feet were sitting flat with the soles down on the bed in front of me. Basically, I was sitting with my feet folded back and tucked against my chest. Once my legs were where she wanted them, my aunt used her free hand to take a hold of my wrist ropes from above. Then she guided them down and worked my bound arms over top of my bound legs. This wrapped my hands around my legs like I was hugging myself, or using my arms to hold my legs back. It was kind of like sitting upright in a fetal position. Once my arms were in place, my aunt asked me to hold still while she finished up.

My aunt Bonnie took hold of a final piece of rope and set about the process of binding the two middle sections of my ropes together. This put me in a rather backward front hogtie style situation. She secured it and knotted off behind my feet away from where my fingers could pick at the knot.

“There we go Jennifer, that should keep you out of trouble. Let's see you get out of that.” I was only too happy to attempt an escape from the matter. However, that quickly proved futile on my part. The tie was as effective as it was simple. Having my limbs folded up and together like that took any leverage I had away from the whole situation. I couldn't move any of my limbs more than an inch or two in any direction without taking the whole bunch with me. My aunt switched off the television an seated herself near me to watch my progress. I wasn't gaining any. The tie was effective and quite restrictive of my movements. I could scurry around a little bit in a couple of different directions. Although my ability to change positions were quite useless.

I was discovering that I couldn't get any leverage against the ropes in my current position. I decided to try something else. I tried shifting my wait to my right side to see if I could lay down. I succeeded in accomplishing my goal, but that didn't help my situation. It made it worse. I ended up laying on my side and that took most of the leverage and ability I had to move around with completely away from me. Worse yet, I couldn't sit back up. The way I was bound prevented it. I hated to admit it, but I was stuck good and solid. My aunt let me lay on my side and struggle for about 10 minutes before she took pity on me and helped me sit back up. “Well Jen, do you think you can escape from that?” I shook my head admitting defeat on the matter. “So, did I win our little contest?” I nodded again not wanting to share any words on it. “Are you ready for me to untie you?” She asked looking down at me. Again I nodded and admitted that I was beaten.

My aunt leaned forward and undid the rope that attached my hands to my feet. She lifted my arms up and I was back to being able move around again. It felt good to be able to stretch my legs out in front of me again. “Well Jennifer, you had quite a day didn't you?” I replied that I had a long day, but it had been a lot of fun. I was glad that my mother had brought me out to see my aunt despite my original protest on the matter. My aunt reached down to remove the ropes around my wrists. I jerked them away from her grasp and scooted backwards. “No, I couldn't escape on my own, so I should have to stay tied up for the rest of the night.” My aunt Bonnie looked at me with a bit of a shock on her face. “That wasn't part of our original conditions. You don't have to stay tied up for the whole night.” I met my aunt's gave with a rather pleasant smile.

“It's okay, I want to stay tied up if that is okay with you. I sleep like this sometimes and it's rather comfortable for me. Could you help me get tucked in though?” I requested looking at my aunt. She returned my smile and helped me work my way to the back of the sofa and lay down. Afterwards, she tucked me in and wished me good night. That was before she turned off the light and exited the room. I woke up the next morning and let myself out of the ropes. We shared breakfast and a few more stories before I had to go home for the day with my mother and sister. I rode home untied and a little more happy about my situation than I had been the for the ride down. It had been a fun experience after all and I really had a good time.

It was neat to learn some about my the past that my aunt and mother shared growing up. I really never got to hear stories about how my mother got tied as a kid. It was kind of a off limits topic at home, but my aunt was more than happy to share. This was an isolated episode of my child hood. I didn't, get tied up by my aunt very often. However, when she got involved it usually turned out to be a fun time.


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